Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Spring Garden

This is a Tropic Snow peach tree, developed in Florida for southern climes and fewer chill hours.What is remarkable, aside from the number of peaches we have removed as it is a young tree, was we never saw it bloom! Bloom it did because it was littered with tiny fruit! Culling is my least favorite thing to do, be it little pre-peaches or carrot seedlings, it doesn't matter. I feels wicked somehow. Yet I know it is the right thing to do.

So to compensate for this murder, I asked to plant new blueberry shrubs. Here is the arch

I love looking at the sweep and yes, although the original five looked pretty bad last autumn, they filled out and are bearing lots of fruit this year. After we harvest, I will be more diligent in fertilizing for new growth.

What is this? Artichoke and my shadow. I planted 8 seeds in the fall and three came up. Those three were coddled until I planted them here in their new home and one died immediately. One struggled (that would be the tiny thing in the foreground) and the middle one thrived.
So I planted 14 more seeds. The packet doesn't contain many seeds! One exactly germinated. One. It is now planted to the left of the big one and is half the size of the one at the bottom of the shot. No wonder why artichoke is expensive at the store.

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