Sunday, April 10, 2011

Pimento Cheese

Nobody makes pimento cheese like my in-laws....... the other day I had an overwhelming hankering for it, too.

That was because I was out watering the young plants in the raised beds. We had a nice rain a week ago but sunny skies ever since and this means I spend quality time with the veg. This is a good thing. I get to see incrementally how things grow.

We seeded several new (to us) varieties of tomatoes this year and are eager to see how they do and I remember from last year mistakes I don't wish to repeat again.

The new ones include Eva Purples, Margaret Romas, Convolusta Genovese and Money Makers. We are going again with the Razzleberries (awesome!) and Cherokees but they are in the raised beds where I can really keep them under control (right right right) I planted all but 2 or 3 of each of the seedlings and gave some away. I kept a few as back-up. Always hedging a bet, me.

>So I stand there and water and observe when things get chewed to pieces by what has been diagnosed as probably cutworms. Those devious characters! Twice now I have replanted tomatoes and am running out rapidly. If this doesn't stop, I'll resort to buying Bonnie Plants to fill the gaps in the lower garden.

Last year we used stakes and I find them less effective than cages. They support the tomato plant right up to the day the fruit starts to fill out. At this point in time, they droop to the ground and havoc takes over. Another mistake I shall not be repeating.

Friday, I hauled home 20 cages to add to our collection. I need even more. I use them to support squash as well. I am taking advantage of vertical growth and keeping the fruit off the ground where opportunistic marauders take their chance at a handy snack.

So after I plunked them in the ground in the lower garden, I walked over to see the progress with the corn and potatoes. Corn is just starting to peek out and we have 27 potato plants out there.... got a late start planting them but that's cool..... we stuck with Yukons and Reds this year. The beans are up and the cucumbers made an appearance finally. Still waiting on the flying saucers and crook-necks.

The zucs are flowering and as I noticed for the past few years, the first several blooms are all female. Then they will only flower male for a while. I guess this is nature's way of allowing the plant to get a little size on them before the fruit shows up.

SPEAKING of which...... John picked off more than 75 peaches from the 3 larger trees last night. "How many did you leave?????" "Plenty." "Twenty?! That's ALL???" "PLENTY! Don't worry!"

Last year we had great success with the Carmen pepper and so, I planted them again and tossed in Mucho Nacho jalapenos. I found a "creole" pepper and a 3-pak of pimentos plants and gave them a new home. Pimento, huh........ cheese..........

I have the recipe.

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