Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tornadic Activity

yech.. I hate that term. I don't know if I even spelled it correctly or if Oxford recognizes it the first word.

In any case, we had a day of tornado watches on Monday and as the sun set in the west, (unless you're already IN the west. Then it sets in the east.... See, you're past where the sun set....... look I can't explain it to you here.... trust me and go here; *) (HAHAHAHHAHA..... classic Lovitz)

Okay the sun was setting but you'd never know it by looking at the sky. It was crazy dark with cloudcover. And just when all light left the sky, all heck broke out above us. The wind whipped like mad and a cold front ripped by.

Now, I'm thinking..."well, at least the corn isn't up to get damaged." I feared for all the young seedlings out there and the peaches on the trees. Not the artichokes! Pleeeeeeze, not the chokes... We've come so far........ Nothing I could do about it. I had taken the time earlier to protect with the heavy hay mulch as much as possible. Thank God John mulches as thickly as he does or that would've been found across the highway somewhere.

When I let the chickens out in the morning yesterday, I was so surprised to see that not only was everything peachy (bah!) but actually al the better for it.

I water everyday when we don't get rain, but in truth no amount of watering does what a good soaking downpour can. I think the tomatoes were standing a little straighter. The beets looked taller. The peas definitely grew an inch overnight, and that is weird. The strawberries plumped up.

Oh, and I found another potato. So we have 27 plants up now. If you're counting. Like me. Every day. One whole row only as 3 plants. Not too good.

But the pear trees are loaded! I will have to cull some of them because once they get big, the limbs cannot support that kind of weight.

From City Slickers II
Glen: All right, now the sun sets in the East, right?
Mitch: No! The sun sets in the West.
Glen: That's if your *in* the East, but we are way out West now, so we are past where the sun sets.

Why I Don't Iron

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