Sunday, January 4, 2009


Is there a more wonderful way to start off a new year than to thoroughly humiliate myself on the Internet?

I think not

A few days ago I walked into the sewing room and was greeted by this sight. Packing boxes and gift wrap supplies piled underneath the quilting machine. Quilt batting leftover from quilts that I intend to use in rag quilts. Eventually. and Yes you are looking at a huge stack of NEATLY!!! folded fabric. What could I possibly be doing with that, there?

We had a small leak in the shop space next to our quiltstore that ran under the wall into our space so 4 of us quickly gathered up the 40 or so bolts of affected fabric and washed them in our respective homes. That stack represents about 1/3 of what I had taken home to clean.

There's a quilt on the machine itself waiting patiently to be finished so I can give it to my daughter; a belated Christmas gift that is two years in the making so what's a few more days, right?

The stainless steel bowl to the right of the fabric pile has rice and tea leaves; a remnant of that project I described a few posts back. And I ask myself: why haven't you put THAT away at least? Make some room for yourself to think in, woman!!!!

The mirrored closet door only serves to amplify the mess I make.

Ok let's pan to the right:

Two cats sleeping on the ironing board. They're not fighting, so that's a plus. And the design wall is bereft of quilt blocks.....+ +. An overfilling trashcan, cluttered cutting table. Let's focus right there. The radio won't home in on the station I like to listen to so I don't really know why I leave it taking up valuable real estate. Various cups and notion holders are necessary so they have to stay. There's a huge binder with the instructions for the BOM sample I have been so diligently working on (and have as of last night totally completed! hurray!) I'll take that away shortly

A calculator, unpaid bills, a bottle of Flexoril (one tablet left. For an emergency). An origami star. I don't know what that basket thing is. Kernels of rice, too small to see but I know they're there alright. And an assortment of cutting tools that can't be used because there simply is no space left.

The sewing table itself leaves me uninspired. Lip balm and hand balm. Scissors. An envelope with a paid(!) bill waiting to be mailed. I wonder if I missed the Late Date now. A wallet I haven't used in more than 7 months. A roll of blue tape. Now that's something. I can NEVER find it when I need it and there it sits in the photo, taunting me. Stuff that all has to be shifted before I can continue to actually sew, that for which the table is meant.

Below the cutting table are two racks of drawers overflowing with fabric. Fat quarters, mostly and kits that I have planned to make for several years and counting. Project the girls and I keep saying we'll get to; "over the Holidays!" or "during spring break." And we haven't yet, but we will! And in the meantime, it all gives me something to think and write about.

Clutter is nothing more than postponed decisions. So the first order of the year to get a grip on this madness and put some chaos behind me. To clear the space and the head for a more productive year. Wish me luck.

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