Thursday, January 15, 2009

People Can Be Such Jerks to Animals

I am so angry right now. Why? you ask

Because there is a lovely Himalayan cat circling my home and mewling to get in. Why? you ask

Because it's owner doesn't think she needs to be more of a presence in her pets' lives than the occasional bowl of food. She routinely leaves at least 3 cats out to fend for themselves for extended periods of time and the cats roam the neighborhood foraging for food and water and whatever else a cat needs for survival.
This Himalayan appeared on our threshold a few weeks ago and has been returning daily. Very sweet-natured and terribly thin. AND I TOLD THE OWNER THAT when I reached her by phone. She said she was returning to town that night. I told her I was glad of that . Why? you ask

Because the temperatures were forecast to be below freezing for a few nights and it's hard on small animals!

Yes Yes I know! Cats have survived without human intervention for forever. But this is not a feral cat! It's owned and neglected and Along with ME suffering for the whims of a human!

So outside by house, my warm comfy house, sits a scrawny cat meowing and huddled and probably hungry as well and I can't let it inside because it's not my cat. If I let it in, my cats will go nuts, as they should, it's their home! and the Himalayan will start to adopt us as it's caretakers. And I have NO right to tell another (_______) human how to manage a cat.

It's not my place. It's now 5:30 am and what I really WANT TO do is take the cat to it's house and wake them up and tell them THEIR cat has been screaming outside my house for the past hour!

And if I take the cat to the animal shelter, for sure it's a Dead Cat Walking sentence and I am NOT going to do that! I'd rather listen to it yell outside my door and sneak it treats and food (far from the house. I am NOT stupid!) and help it survive in the neighborhood than to be warm for two weeks and stiff afterward. It's a beautiful cat but I've seen too many beautiful cats sitting at shelters to believe someone is going to scoop this one up. The darned owners don't even do it!

Oh yeah they say have they have three, and I saw three cats on their back porch staring at me thru the two door glass as if I had the magic key to let them in but the fourth one was in my backyard rubbing against the furniture. So either they have 4 cats or, can you believe it?! another cat has adopted THEM!!!!!! oh the irony there.

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