Friday, January 16, 2009

Prospect 1 and Goji Berries

Don't know much about acai or goji berries but today we will head across the lake to the Whole Foods Market on Veterans and scope it all out.

After this, we will track over to Howard Avenue and catch the last week (few days really) of something called Prospect 1.

I don't anything about this whole event but it has to do with Art in New Orleans. and apparently it has managed to escape my attention for the past two months and my own COUSIN has artwork in it. All the way from Vermont!

She had relocated to Baton Rouge 2 years ago and although she didn't stay long down here in the South, she had a wonderful showing of her art with her Husband in Baton Rouge where he is a native Louisianan (LSU!!!) but makes his home in Burlington where they are now both residing along with the littlest Derbes.

Wylie (my cuz) has been working in the art field for a decade since graduating from U of Chicago and worked on the Vermont Theatre Curtain Project (google it!) She is now an avid quilter but not in the traditional methods I employ. She wandered off that reservation into artquilts and makes very organic-looking wallhangings and works them with embellishments into collage 3-D "stories".

So I am intrigued to see if this is what will appear in New Orleans. I'll take along my camera in any case.

Wylie Sophia Garcia and Clark Derbes for anyone reading this and interested.

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