Saturday, January 10, 2009

why Do I Do This To Myself?

Just a week ago, I posted about a messy workspace and cleaned it up and posted again.
I organized the room and really, it didn't take long.. it's not that big a space but and here's the maddening thing, it's crapped up again! It's ME. All me.

This morning, I was preparing to sandwich a baby quilt and needed that roll of bluetape. I KNOW I have it because it appeared in the 2nd photo of that post and I mentioned it. So where oh where did it go? Or more correctly, where did I put it when I cleaned up the room?

There I went again in search of something I know I have, confirmed it by pulling out the photo and yep! there it is so where did I put it? And I felt like crying.

This is what it feels like to slowing lose one's mind.

I opened every drawer all the while thinking ok, what is the logical place I'd put it when tidying up? and I looked there as well
The trouble with that question is: the answer changes.... each time I get in this cleaning frenzy I put things in "more better" spots, thinking, this time I will surely remember.


I eventually did find it, in the place I first thought to look but immediately discounted as a place I KNEW I stopped using because it made no sense, (so why bother looking there!)(first) and I had of course remembered that I had found that "more better" place instead and promptly forgot that I had and had gone in search of it back then and found another "more better" place that promptly was forgotten as well, and so on. Round and round the room I went, opening drawers and pawing through shelves of fabric, getting angrier and crazier as the minutes ticked by.

In the end I did in fact look in that original place, (now I KNOW it's not gonna be there......) found the blasted bluetape and now I wonder if I had subconsciously decided to return it to that place so that I would go to it there first, logically, the next time I needed tape and not waste time looking for it.

So not only did I waste time looking for tape, I blogged about it.

Well done.

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