Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Because It Is Hugely Important

It wasn't long ago that Wal-Mart advertised it's Made In America loyalty and grew in strength. Remember the proud logo?

Those days are gone it seems. You would be hard-pressed to find more than 5 items in your cart that was produced within our borders and yet we continue to buy both staples and sundry items that are made overseas. I tried to buy a bag or sugar yesterday and could not determine from the information printed on the package the country of origin. I only know that one bag was "distributed" form Yonkers, NY and one from Bentonville, AR and one from SugarLand Texas. Where the actual sugar itself was grown is anybody's guess.

I am not directing this towards any specific country or political ideology.

I am sick of this.
I want to buy LOCAL, and I don't mean within 100 miles of my hometown. Try within these borders and territories! I want to support my fellow citizens. I want them to have the jobs SOME people say we won't do anymore.

Why SHOULD a hairblower cost less than it did 25 years ago? (not even adding in inflation!) Because it's made overseas and SHIPPED here!

If you are interested in Buy America, here is a website that will help you find a slew of products made RIGHT HERE! And I'd PAY the extra few dollars it would cost!

I bet we all would.

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