Monday, April 26, 2010

I have been trying to get Rooster Stew on video for the past few weeks because I think it really is only a matter of (short) time before he finds a new home. He is beginning to become increasingly aggressive and I don't like the idea of those spurs ripping into our flesh.

He used to act nonchalant when his roosterness got the better of him; lying in wait for a hen to happen to pass a little too closely and attacking her from behind. It was more of a fair fight back then because more often than not, they would put up a fight or chase him off and he would flee in fear.

Now he just chases them down and while they give them a run for his money, he usually wins the race.
But what is interesting is the dance he does when he is aggravated or wants to his way on any matter, particularly when protecting his food supply. Like this:

He has not shown this dance yet to Little Bit and only recently started pushing Ginger around with it (see above. She is still not easily shifted and gives him a little back!)

He first displayed it to the three little girls and of course they ran in fear of their little lives! Then he tried it out on the Evil Twins who looked at him as though he'd clearly lost his mind (better steer clear of that lunatic). But the more he practiced, the better at the dance he has become and now he does it whenever the mood strikes.

He hasn't tried it on ME yet but John says Stew tries to make him clear off when he enters the runs. Now he carries a long stick in there, just in case he needs back-up.
I really don't blame him. This is a large bird and is intimidating. I think he sees me as a food source and hasn't gotten in my face (yet) but time is not on my side.
Or his, for that matter.

What I really love is when he pulls himself straight up tall..... he looks like a person!!!!! (ok a person with FEATHERS) but look at him again on that second clip! He stands there, all tall and straight. The hens are short and stout and he is like a British Officer!

I also love his sound..... he is the one with the lower-voiced UrUrUrrrrr sound. The clucking comes from the hens...... and in those videos what REALLY stands out are the bird calls everywhere. When I am out there I hardly notice them and they come in so clearly on the video.

John has an iPhone with an app of bird calls. He sits out on the deck and plays the calls for pileated woodpeckers and a pair have been coming over and responding. It drives them nuts; they can't find the outsider!


Kathleen said...

I am adding "roosterness" to my vocabulary. It could really come in handy.

Rachel said...

OH my god he is so handsome! It will be sad to see him leave the farm, but I don't like the idea of him pushing you and the pops around.