Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wonder of Wonders!

Three days ago, I found an egg in the nestbox when I released the chickens in the morning. This is SORT of unusual because they TEND to lay during the day. But I didn't stress over it.

Later that day, I asked John if he retrieved any more eggs during the course of the day and he answered, "Yeah, I brought in 3."

Well, that stopped me in MY tracks. This means Little Bit layed her first egg! (is it "laid"?) (I'm gonna go with "layed"). So we compared the four and sure enough, the first one is slightly smaller than the others and perfectly formed.

MY BABY!!!!!

Taking a photo of her is tricky; she doesn't stand still. Ever. Always flitting about and so skittish. My sister-in-law monitors birds in her area and was telling us about trying to identify fast-moving birds with any accuracy and how very difficult this can be. She eventually added a SFBB to her roster. Small Fast Brown Bird.

This is pretty much the breed we think Little Bit might be.

She gave us a second egg yesterday and I look forward to today to see if she threepeats.

Hey! I'm not greedy! We have guests coming over for breakfast Saturday! I need the eggs!

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