Saturday, April 3, 2010

Harbingers of Spring

include robins and asparagus and we planted the latter two months ago. We bought those bags of "crowns" at Lowe's and John prepared a proper bed and chucked them in and we have been diligently watering the patch.

And we wait. But nothing appears. It's Spring everywhere here but no sign of asparagus. This has us concerned. So, once again to hedge the bet, we called in an order of newly-dug crowns from Johnny Seeds catalog and we wait for the arrival.

Yesterday, we spied 7 asparagus tips coming up through the mulch; out of 16 planted. So far so good, right?

We have 25 on their way. Great.

All the potatoes are up and thriving. The beans are looking good as are all the tomatoes and peppers we started from seed. The tomatillos are already flowering! and I am very excited about that and happy we planted 6 of them. If I had to wait for 8 tomatillos to be ripe on 1 or 2 plants, I would never have green salsa.

And here are the 2 new centers for the BOM I continue working on, 1 bright and the Christmas.

Y-seams galore. I am getting better at them but I think the pattern is not perfectly accurate. Still, the block measures out at 33.5" after trimming up so that's the goal.
I like the bright one alot.

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