Monday, October 5, 2009


I do , I do, I DO!!!!! I LOVE IT! It's fast as lightning and EMPTY of crap that got DLed I don't know how and I personally could not delete or even find, for that matter. But it WAS THERE, making my computing experience one of a nightmare, at times.

Try as I might I could not find it, and it drove me to distraction because with every launch of an application, or send to print or start-up, these blasted error messages kept popping up, C:\\WINDOWS\ etc then lomokafu.dll telling me that it couldn't be found and try inserting the start up diskette which doesn't exist with this HP computer because NOTHING, including MANUALS come with the purchase of computers these days!!!!!!!

So in desperation, I turned to a recent graduate from Hattiesburg in computer science who speaks Geek and knows everything I ever wanted to know about binary but was afraid to ask. AND HE straightened ME out! Tout de suite and I am so thrilled. Not only that but he upgraded my RAM to warpspeed and I am truly grateful and not worthy. AND if anyone in this reading locale needs a nerd (a cute nerd. Not really a nerd at all, but "Needs a Nerd" sorta sounds catchy), drop me a line so I can forward him the business.

I am so psyched. I went home and baked a cake. From scratch and made up the recipe. If it comes out good, I'll post it. The cherries were hand-picked and canned in Maine and given to me by the UberComputerGuru's mother.

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