Thursday, October 29, 2009

More Progress

Houston, we have landed a chicken coop on the Back Two:

Clearly it isn't finished! But you can see how great it's going to be. Cozy for a half dozen lovely chickens. (I hope)

And the run is complete except for the plantings of shrubs for the "girls" to scrub around under. he little tree you can see is a Chinaberry that we left. It and the massive oak out back are the only trees that came with the property. We have been busy plunking in pears, peaches, figs, plums. There are more to come but we are taking a short breather.

and here is what the garden enclosure is shaping out to be:

John rented a cultivator and dug up the ground behind the raised beds you can see in order to build a few more . As the sun settles farther south in the coming weeks, we see we built alittle too close to the treeline but what MAY save the situation is knowledge that the leaves will fall (hopefully soon) and that will allow enough sun to the veg that grows now shaded.

That plant you see just inside the opening is a yellow squash that I placed a tomato cage over when I planted is two months ago. You should know that this appears to be an excellent method! Using the height leaves the bed more space to grow lettuce and tomatoes and onion. Had I left it "natural", it would have sprawled all over the place. I intend to do the same next spring with zucs. And eggplant.

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