Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Might As Well Face It....

I'm addicted to hexagons...... I have made 14 more flowers, cut 10 fqs into 3.5" squares and picked up so background fabric to start making more. thanks, Linda Kay.

I have also begun the Victory Quilt by Eleanor Burns. Block one is done.

But nevermind that, we took a long drive to McComb MS, to see a pole barn and found herds of pecan trees along the way. We stopped onthe way home and picked about 15 lbs of pecans off the side of the road. So of course, we have now dragged out the Interia Nutcracker and after we wait a few days to let them do their nutty thing, we'll get down with the cracking of it all.

The barn was really nice and I think it's what John wants to build but at the moment, he is planting fenceposts into the Back Two for a chicken run. We also staked out where the citrus trees will go and after LA One Call marks the ground for utility lines, we'll get them in the earth.

It's taking shape.

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