Monday, October 5, 2009

Y-not with Y-Seams

I am a member of a quilt group here in SELA and we have begun a new Block of the Month project that will carry on for a full year. (no skipping ahead!)

Several members were bringing in different ideas last week and we'd pick the final one as a group to do together, once a month AT THE MEETING. One candidate was WONKY TOWN, and as much as I like the quilt, I didn't think my time spent on it would improve my sewing.

Another one was really good but I chose to do one of Leslie's EQ quilts. And I really look forward to making this one because a lot of the blocks have techniques of sewing that I am woefully poor at: Y seams in particular.

So to begin, I thought about color scheme. We were told to bring in the equivalent of 3 fat quarters. (remember now, none of us have seen the quilt design possibilities at this point, we're going to choose the final BOM that day at the meeting).....and I promptly dropped that because if anyone has fabric laying around the house, it's me. Why not use up all these scraps?

So I dragged out a baggie of scraps from a project I made 3 years ago and then unearthed another bag of Christmas (Nancy Halverson) fabrics. These two I took to the meeting and the one on the left is the one I made there. The one on the right was the one I made when I got back home: (notice all the Y-seams)

I thought, well, why not make two at the same time. And that got me thinking, what the heck, why not keep dragging out scrap collections and make LOTS at the same time. Imagine that, at the end of the year, I can have lots of finished quilts to compare.

Another Bright and an Oriental.

I'm going to keep doing this.

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