Sunday, October 4, 2009

Michael Moore is an unmentionable word

He has a new "documentary" film out in theatres.

Full disclosure: I have NEVER seen any of his supposedly brilliant movies. Not a single one. Why? Because his personality is one I find abrasive. Why support a person monetarily of whom I don't care.

But this new one offers an interesting opportunity.

It's a screed against capitalism. In FACT! the title is Capitalism: A Love Story.

(He's so ironic, no?) No that's not the right word at all. He's so .... I'll keep working on the right word.

Now, having not seen any of his films, I am FIRST to admit I don't know if he offers up viable options to our miserable existance in USA. (I remember something about how AWESOME Cubans have it in their country, regardless of how abusive our decades-long Government-led boycott has been). I can only presume it has threads of "european supremacy" as a root.

But there is this opportunity I mentioned. I'd like to approach one of those MultiPlex theatres and just ask for a ticket. Not actually pay for it. Just get it and walk in. Because "Capitalism never did anything for me", he said. I am not sure what has done something, anything for him but I can see by his girth he eats well. Maybe not "well" as in healthy but "well" as in plenty. And I have to surmise he has health insurance. (He's gonna need it when diabetes kicks in!) But perhaps not. Perhaps he just shows up at the ER when he needs medical advice. He did make "Sicko" which supposedly skewered US healthcare. I don't know... I may be unfair here. Perhaps he wings over to Havana for his healthcare. He tells us it is better than anything we got here.

I hear he lives well, too, with a "cabin" in Michigan ($1.2 mil; that's SOME cabin) and a swanky apartment in Manhattan. Hey! I have no problem with that. He earned it through hard work slamming the country that rewards him for this indignity! Who am I to deny HIM?

But, who is HE to deny ME the pleasure of his philosphy gratis?

If socialism or communism is better for society as a whole, I think I ought to be able to see my virgin Moore movie for free. In fact, I think ALL of us ought to be able to view it for free.

Communism has never done anything for me. I think it ought to start with "Moore".

(now , THAT is ironic)

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