Friday, May 28, 2010

Leslie Bom RW&B

After completing all 6 centers for that Block of the Month we started back in January, I decided as long as I had the red, white and blue fabric out, I might as well finish all the blocks for that quilt. So I got busy and knocked these 6 blocks out last week. I am not totally happy with the lot of them but I think the balance of red to blue is working.
There is ALWAYS room for improvement.

This one is effective but alittle heavy with the red. (TMWOT)

LOVED this one. Again, check out all the Y-seams. HELLO!

Mmmmmm. Ok. I guess

Again, Red heavy. What is UP with that?

Good balance but hard to grasp what it is. I think it's a flower.

Liked this on.......BLUEEEEEE! (note to self: should have put red cornerstones. Oh Well)

So now I have to decide whether to pull the quilt together and sash it or set it aside and work on the other 5 quilts. There will be 6 when the project is over and I would like to see them all together in one room and compare.

I am getting better at Y-seams. Not a professional but a competent.

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