Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Once Again, It Begins

A year ago, we closed on this house and drove over with our first load of stuff. We walked out back to see how the garden was growing. The previous owners had planted quite a lot and we saw immediately that potatoes needed digging. In rapid succession, the tomatoes, corn, okra, peppers and squash all ripened and it was a month of work canning, freezing, eating and giving vegetables away.

One year later, here we are again.

Zucs and crooks, the cherry tomatoes are SO sweet! Tomatillos and I have a recipe to share below. Our first cucmber at 3 o'clock and just above it is a mystery squash that volunteered over by the compost bins. (we have tomatoes and butternut squash growing there as well) It looks like a hybrid cross and I'll cut it open tonight to see what we shall see.

Green beans. Now we cut the crop in half from last year and I don't think I am being hasty in declaring that once more, they shall win the war. The stalks are massive and the flowers abundant. I fear we cannot keep pace with them. If they were all that were out there, perhaps we'd stand a chance.
Yesterday we had a terrific storm blow through and it knocked alot of the plants around so this morning I spend time repairing damage and cutting back the caged tomatoes. The ones out back are staked but the ones in the raised beds have cages and I really didn't space them far enough apart, I think. There are hundreds of tomatoes out there and the Cherry 100s have grown well over the tops of the cages and this what suffered the most in the storm. So I cut them back, plunked a few in the ground to see if they root themselves and tied up stems too heavy to support themselves. The romas are just starting to blush. I wonder how diff it is to make catsup.

And just to show that I am not all work and no fun, I also underwent a root canal yesterday.

Recipe: Pulled Pork with salsa

I was typing this recipe when i dawned on me that I already did this.
Look on the last post.

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