Thursday, May 13, 2010

More Good Things

Yesterday was a repeat with pruning more dead and dying leaves off the tomato plants and I do see new growth appearing at the crown.

So I decided to go be productive in other areas. Like the sewing room. I had finished 5 of the center blocks of the Leslie BOM and chose the Red White and Blue fabric for the last one. Here are two that I have not yet posted. I like the one below!

This one is good too but I like the fussy-cut center of the other best. So as long as I was behind the sewing machine, I picked out the fabrics for the nesxt set of blocks and am working on making the second. I am happy to report I can sew a Y-seam with accuracy 87% of the time. I do my share of ripping stitches as well but not as often as I once did. LOOK at all of them in that block! When I asked for a challenging BOM, I sure didn't know I'd get this MANY. It's been a real treat.
I think next year I will devote to circles and get a good grip on them. Like New York Beauty.

I boiled down some blackberries John picked and made jam. Then in the late afternoon we slouched out to look at the corn. I saw the beginning of the seed tassels appear at the top of the stalks and wanted to show John. We noticed one potato plant looking yellow and said, let's dig! (hey, any excuse, right?) Here is John standing in front of one of his asparagus beds with our first bounty of red potatoes!!!!! 7 medium potatoes from one plant and I think, as that one was the last in a row, it didn't get as much water as perhaps the others have gotten. I hope the others produce more than 7 but even so! That is a meal for three people!

As I told John, I really needed to see that as I have been so down about the tomatoes. So far, on that score, I haven't seen any fruit drop off. I lost plenty of blooms and leaves, and stems are brown but so far only one plant looks like it is actually dying. Out of 28. Thank God I didn't go "save" the ones in the raised beds that day!

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