Monday, May 24, 2010

Tomatoes On The Rebound

Well, I didn't actually kill those plants after all. They still hold their fruit and we have now picked three of the first tomatoes of the year. Early Girls, just as I suspected. They were the first to set fruit and oh BOY are they delish. I am eager to try a Cherokee Purple and one of those Razzleberries, which BTW, are beautifully shaped tomatoes. From the photo in the catalog, I believe they will have a pinkish-rose blush color.

They squash is belching out everyday and I still dig around 4-6 potato plants in the evening when the weather is cooler. The Kentucky Wonders are now ready and I wish the rows were slightly farther apart. As it is, they are trying to create an arbor effect by growing up and over to the other fence. The Black-eyed Peas are getting tall and the butternut squash has totally stopped producing any more fruit so now we sit back and watch the nuts grow and thicken. I will do a count this morning. We have one raised bed filled with them as well but they don't produce nearly as many fruits as the two out back did.

The cantaloupe is flowering and vining and the corn is over six feet tall with the ears showing. And the jalapeno plants are loaded. All in all, I would say so far it's going to be a successful harvest

The tomatillos made a great pulled-pork recipe. Take a hunk of pork and sear it in a small amount of olive oil. Place in a deep casserole and cover with fresh tomatoes, tomatillos, onion, garlic and pepper, I added jalapenos as well. Now slow cook it for hours (you can do this in crock-pot as well). I let the whole thing rest in the fridge for a day afterwards. Then popped it back in the oven to reheat thoroughly. Pull the pork and cover with the gravy. There's going to be a lot of that and I would say it tastes like a spicy spaghetti sauce. The pulled pork is terrific on corn tortillas but I could see it over polenta or plain rice as well. My cousin gave me the recipe.

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