Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day Revisited

I had a very nice one actually. Aside for that one pesky issue of missing MY mother. Naturally.

I never put on anything more constricting than a pair of yoga pants and pottered around the garden, harvested and shelled peas, made indi pizzas for the three of us for dinner.

Kathryn came home with a beautiful orchid plant and Polo in the afternoon and we dug up one potato from each variety and the Adirondack blues are amazing in color. The first of the tomatillos are almost ready to pluck from the plant. I played the part of a bee and fertilized some butternuts. I see once again the squash are blooming either all male or all female....... silly plants. After work today I will drag out the end of the broccoli and kale.

So all of that is the good news. The sprayed plants are holding their own..... nothing is dead. Yet. They look grim. I might start cutting away the shriveled leaves because they make me unhappy to look at when I am down there. Some of the fruits look affected as well. I should clarify... some of the smaller ones. The large, and there are a lot of them, look okay so far and that gives me good hope, As we have had an extended cool period the fruits were really setting well on the vines and this spray really did a number on those very small fruits and flowers. But I see new growth appearing so I am hopeful.

As it was, we planted more plants than we really needed but it irks me to know that in an attempt to help the plants, I really did them a mischief. No one can kick me as hard as I am capable myself so please don't bother. i'll simply have to engrave this mistake in my ledger of thing to not repeat. Like planting in those Jiffy-pots and overwatering. remember the mold issue?

(If tomato plants could talk, I imagine those out there would be saying something like: "What is HER PROBLEM??????? Does she have it OUT for us????? First the uprooting. Then the mold! Then the uprooting and transplanting and now this!? Can't we catch a BREAK?")

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