Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Aging Brain

I like to stay abreast of technology. But there are some things beyond I which I do not travel.

Example: I could program a VCR (remember those?) but if a power outage knocked the clock back to 12:00, I rarely bothered to reset it. That chore would have to wait til I needed to set a Recording Time and again, I was never so invested in any TV show where that became a priority.

And I put off ever up-dating a computer "operating system" until I actually need a whole new computer itself. I really don't require every bell and whistle available and the learning curve is tedious at best.

We were a Mac family til 1999 when I could no longer bear dealing with the fact that EVERYONE else was sending me email attachments in Word or who know what and I could not read it. Well, the OS in the Mac at that time was not the latest, greatest and didn't translate the info like was possbile (had I up-graded the OS....which of course I am loathe to do. Ever)

And now, I am the (or was) the last man standing with a PC (OS XP, BTW) ( ;P) and everyone else in the family has been lured to the Mac Side of the street with both computer and cellphone.

So I am back in the Land of Re-Education. My 2nd daughter has given me her (not so) old Mac Book and we have left Sprint for ATT (bundled family) and I now have a new cell phone and all this has my brain hurting.

But I think I can boil it all down to one thing: passwords.

I hate them. I understand the necessity for them but I hate them all the same. And by that I mean I hate remembering them.

I spent part of the day yesterday learning how to USE A CELLPHONE! Remember when having a phone in your pocket at the ready was all you needed to feel empowered? Like a Girl Scout, I was ready!

But they are so much more than that these days and God forbid you lose one! Your life is in that small box. So you better protect it and all the info crammed inside.

Today I will spend many hours more than necessary to blend the info in one iTunes with another and then sync that to the phone and hope to heaven I didn't erase it all.

Back up!

My brain is bleeding at the mere thought of it.

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