Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Squeezo Tomato Press & Kasbahouse

Okay because I think it is as important to stand up for companies as much as it is to hold them responsible, I post this information.

The Squeezo Tomato Press saga that began a few months ago is officially over.

To recap: John purchased it through an online site and paid quite a lot to have it shipped quickly. (I don't believe I ever wrote the name of the company. I really wanted to give them a chance to make this right.)

It sat in Dallas at a FedEx facility for 5 days. When it arrived it was faulty, which caused me to have 2 complaints.

The company that manufactured the item sent out replacements parts and as I wrote, was very helpful. The Squeezo is worth it's price. (so far.... check back in 5 years)

The company that facilitated the transaction said they would reimburse the added cost of expedited shipping once THEY sorted it out with FedEx. So all in all, everyone acted responsibly and everyone got what they wanted. Not WHEN they wanted it but that is LIFE.

I received our credit card statement yesterday and they did exactly what they said they would. So, I am pleased to report that Kasbahouse online is where all this went down. It is a lovely to look at website if you are into kitchen stuff.

If you are looking for a "press" for soft fruits, consider the Squeezo Tomato Press. Made in the USA. Quality stuff.

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