Friday, September 3, 2010

Will I NEVER Learn?

Back story: We planted several varieties of peppers this year, including jalapeno, organic jalapeno, carmen, cayenne and bells. I really tried to keep all the seedlings straight and know where I planted what but a few got mixed up. This is diffy when they are small because they all look the same, but once they get growing, we can see which are what.

At first, however, since I am a novice to the hot ones, I accidentally chomped down on a cayenne, thinking it was a small Carmen and blew the top my mouth to Canada. You would think I had learned the lesson.

You would be wrong.
Some months back, my cousins told me about picking up Hatch peppers in Santa Fe and how great they were. So when I saw a nice display of them at the Whole Foods New Orleans, I called to confirm these were those and was assured. Also they freeze well so roast them and chop them for the future. Good to go. I bought a dozen.

This morning, I made preparations to go to BR (git a haircut!) and seared a pork roast and roasted the peppers. I let them cool while I let out the chickens for the day. I stop and admire the construction of the barn, garage, workshop. I visit with the crew who have now arrived. See how calm I am? I've got my stuff together!

So I go back inside to chop up the hatches and I pop a good-sized bite in my mouth to taste one, for the first time, like an idiot.

I'm still looking for my tongue.

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