Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sweet Potato Heaven!

Monday was such a gorgeous day..... and it started out splendidly.

We dug up the sweet potatoes!

I had allowed the vines to creep out of the raised bed and wander a bit. I didn't realize what that meant.

Give a plant an inch and they'll take the whole yard. The vines grew through the black ground cover and rooted. Then they conquered the fence and over to the compost piles.

So when I went to hack away the vines to get to the beds, I quickly realized I was stepping on something! You could see the humps of potatoes under the blastic. (black plastic) and I was forced to pull it out and replace it. The potatoes underneath were not particularly special but check this out!

The left side is from where all the greens on the right came. That was a lot of vines!

Those are 5 gallon buckets, ya'll

Ok but here's the rub. For one week, I have to try to keep them in a warm humid environment out of the sunlight to toughen the skin and then cooler to bring out the sweetness. It's 65 degrees out there with no sign of warmer. So, with this luck I may well reverse the process.

There's really nothing I can do to change this.


Rachel said...

SWEET POTATO PIE! Also, shepherd's pie with sweet potato mash instead of regular potatoes, or both mixed together... mmmmmm.

Also, this:

AND the old standby:


Cats and Quilts said...

oohhhh thanx for the suggestions