Monday, September 27, 2010

What's Up, Doc?

...takes on a while new meaning on a "farm".

In our case, it means carrots and beets! I have been spending the odd hours these last two weeks or so planting the fall croppage. Is that a word? Pilkington's Dictionary includes it so I shall, too.

Yesterday saw the rutabagas, green onions, kale, lettuces and kohlrabi join the already planted garlic, broccoli, sprouts and red onions. The peas are growing up and I hope I got them in the ground early enough this year to get some. Last year, the plants grew very nicely but the flowering finally happened just before the January winds ripped them apart.

Now here is something interesting to report. Remember the sweet potatoes? They have really produced an outstanding quantity of leaves..... they grew up and over the fence.

When I first looked at digging them up, the potatoes looked like this:
Discouraging, yes. But I glanced to the left and saw this mound in the raised bed, and sure enough, there was a sweet potato sticking up out of the ground. So I covered it with soil and left it another wee or so.

I have been stressing over when to harvest and we settled on yesterday afternoon. We weren't at it 3 minutes before the rain chased us indoors. Where did the cloud come from that fast, is what I want to know.

However, just as the drops started, I noticed a bulge under the black sheeting we have over the walkpaths. I think the potatoes are growing there as well!!!!!

Click above and see how many of those signs you remember. It's fun. And sad.

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