Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Have You Ever.....

...seen a chicken lay an egg?

Surely, now, your life is complete!

I cleaned the coop out thoroughly yesterday and sprayed it down with a flea/tick spray. Afterwards, I left the door to the coop and layboxes open to air out the moisture and had forgotten all about.

Around 11 am I remembered and dashed out to shut it up. I found a couple of the hens pacing out front impatiently. As soon as I dropped the lid on the boxes, two of them ran in and fought over the center box (with the brown fake egg, naturally. We've covered this in the past). They bickered and crawled under each other and tried to fight the other one out and finally, one gave up and scooted over to the left box. Muttering the whole time. (I wish I could speak chicken)

Before the Drop

Afterwards, the one that layed the egg protected the space for twenty-five minutes. Or I should say, rather, she tried to protect the space. The one on the left really wanted to be in the center box. I still don't understand what the deal is with the brown egg. They fought over it! They each wanted that fake egg UNDER their chest when they layed. So strange!

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