Sunday, October 3, 2010

I Think I Know What You're Thinking

"So, what is happening with the barn?" Am I right?

NOTHING. It's been a slow week, what can I say?

But the back plot it 97% plowed under and awaiting a cover crop to be sown. The remaining 3% is a few pepper plant stragglers with more pep. And the raised beds now have the following either planted, sown or actually up from seeds:

3 Kales with one more to go
Arugula (AKA Rocket) (who knew?)
Neon Chard
Butter Crunch
Red Onion
Yellow Onion
Green (pencil) Onion
English Peas
Snow Peas

So that is a pretty good spread for the winter crop.

Still growing out there is eggplant & peppers, and you know we dug the sweet potatoes up.

Louisiana is a brilliant State. There is no month in the year when you can't either be planting or harvesting something!

We planted a fig tree that Marty gave us last week and a Mock Orange from their garden. While I was at it, I shifted over a Banana Magnolia that I had planted too close to the fence (couldn't get the mower between) (and the chickens had thoughtfully dug half out of the ground in search of grubs anyway) AND PROTECTED ALL OF THIS with a circle of chicken wire.

Those rascals dig at everything. Now get this: I noticed some fat caterpillars chewing on the parsley (wouldn't you?) so I pulled the leaves with the worms and gave them to the girls. The would not touch them! I guess they taste bitter...

It's been almost a year since those chickens came to us and I am so glad we did this. They are everything I had hoped the would be. And smart! But they are sweet...... I lock them up at night and now the are all on the same roost, all in a row with Stu at the front, closest to the door, protecting them. We got 6 eggs yesterday. I don't know why I mention this other than it doesn't happen every day and we have 7 layers. That has never happened and I don't expect it will.

John BBQd a brisket yesterday and it was so delicious. I will beg him to do this once a month now that the weather has turned cooler.

It's almost 6am so when the day lights up, I'll go shoot a few photos and add them.


Ok so 'm doing the techno-shuffle all morning because my PC got another virus and Keese is sorting it out *(Thank you God for Keese) and in the between time, this has forced me to address using the new old Mac Pro.

Which is fine and a great machine except: It does the thinking for you until you hit a snag and have to configure.

Take MAIL for example. I "set up" the mail program which means it did it for me using what it thought was the correct info but it isn't. I tried everything I could think of to configure it but in the end called ATT.

ATT and I worked it out and this took hours, but it is working (sort of).

Meanwhile, I had let the chickens out and forgot to latch the gate between them and the veggie beds.

When I went out there just now to treat them to bread, I found them in there, loose, scratching up the planted seeds and feasting on the broccoli and raab.

So I put everything back to rights and forgot I had an apple pie in the oven.


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Rachel said...

Oh boy that sounds like a super frustrating day. One thing after another.