Thursday, October 21, 2010


I remember when I used to moan about not being able to sleep past 4:00am.

This is getting ridiculous. I wake now at or before 2:30am and toss & turn til I finally leave the bed and go watch tv in the other room.

Does this ever end? I've never in my life been one to lie in. But 2:30? Come ON......

Lightbulb....... all this really started so long ago..... but..... also right about the time I got serious about my hypothyroidism. I had been prescribed Synthroid years before but was lacksidasical about taking it.

Back then I had ALL the symptoms of someone with low thyroid and got a new prescription. I took it daily but incorrectly. So although the levels were better, I was still wasn't "right". This is when the sleep starting getting whacky.

Some years later, I found a good physician who explain the importance of when and how and how NOT to take it and now I have really good results but this insomnia thing has me struggling.

It has just dawned on me that there MAY be a connection between the drug and the issue!!!!!!! Duh!! Maybe not as well, but still......

How can I have been so clueless FOR ALL THESE YEARS!!!!!. It isn't ME. Well, it IS me but it IS what it IS. I need the medicine. The medicine has a side effect.

Now learn to make the best of it!

Any suggestions?

Okay, further googling reveals InsomniaYoga.. I can try that tonight.
Warm epsom salts bath. Check
Warm milk. mmmmm No.
Exercise. Yoga?
Here's a curious suggestion: Sex. Alone or with others. Whhhhaaattt????

See this is why it's hard to take the internet seriously.

Sleep medication. Okay..... now that has to be a crazy suggestion. Have you seen the list of side effects for THAT stuff? Thoughts of suicide, depression, sleep walking. Sleep EATING. Please. I like to be awake and alert while I eat, but thanks anyway.

If my choice is bewteen insomnia and cheerfulness or sleep and depression..... I think I'll go with the first one every time.

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