Monday, October 11, 2010


I just read this amazing article in a British newspaper where home buyers are moving into houses that have been completely stripped of the most sundry of items...... light bulbs, toilet roll, okay..... I get that. We're talking: light switches, the carpets, door knobs, the WHOLE DOOR! the toilet roll hanger. The notion of something being taken if it isn't nailed down is gone.

"Screwed in? No problem! WE'll take it. I know we SOLD it but we didn't get the price we wanted or you didn't SPECIFY that you expected to find it IN the home when you arrived so it comes WITH US!"

The most common disappearances include washing machines, radiators, fireplace surrounds, light fittings and boilers - while others are more unusual.
When Tim showed a marketing executive and his wife, a teacher, photographs of a Victorian terraced house in Brackley, Northamptonshire, they were instantly smitten by a log cabin in the garden.
Six weeks later, their £250,000 offer had been accepted and they moved in with two children and removal men in tow. only then did they discover that all that was left of the log cabin was a slab of concrete: the foundation.
'They were furious, especially as the outhouse was pictured in the brochure,' explains Tim. The vendors were mid-divorce and, desperate to sell, had agreed on a price of £20,000 less than they wanted. They retaliated in the only way they could - by keeping a bit of the house.

Read more: Daily Mail

We are completely on the other side of this story. When we negotiated for this home, our daughter really liked the dining table so we included it in the purchase agreement. The owners responded and said the sideboard went "with" the table..... and could I take them both? Now, the "suite" also included small sofa tables as well but they didn't ask us to keep ALL of the suite together, just the 2 items in the dining area. We agreed to keep them both together. Everyone got what they wanted and no one played fast and loose with convenience.

One person over there even took 15% less for the selling price so he could take the grass from his cherished putting green! Good Grief! Couldn't he simply build a new one!? At least he "paid" for it.

Nevermind. We went kayaking on Saturday and the distance was (much) farther than I would have expected. I should have asked. After 2 hours of paddling, (nonstop I might add) I asked how much further to go. We weren't half done. By the time we got to the end, my shoulders were cords. Stiff, tight angry cords of muscle. Why didn't I merely coast? This articular river is a wild and scenic one which means it is LITTERED with trees everywhere and twists so much you must constantly stand vigil for potential problems in navigation. I found myself high and dry any number of times and banging into submerged trees in other. I am grateful there was NO white water to have to deal with. I would not have returned dry

We went to the Hattiesburg Quilt and Fiber Show on Friday and saw beautiful quilts and some beautiful land/property as well. Some old quarries were filling up and subdivided for purchase. But back to the show. The best thing for ME is to find new quilting motifs to use on the longarm and as I have another quilt on my machine ready to and inspired as I was, I got busy with it yesterday.

Only to find something is not right with the bobbin and I have alot of stitches now to unsew.

Yea me!

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