Sunday, October 17, 2010

Where Am I Wrong -Update

We have been told for quite a number of years that a college education is vital for a person to get a good-paying job. So, young adults and others attend and pay hefty sums to do so, and end up with a library of overpriced textbooks. Now I read that 85% are moving back home with the Old Ones.

We can see for ourselves that people don't WANT to work for minimum-wage jobs and will avoid them for however long they can. Who can blame them when it's been drummed for years that a diploma is your Golden Ticket?

Reality is another matter. And there was a time when high schoolers had courses available, like "shop" and "mechanics" that prepped them for something other than their entrance exams.

Now, saddled with student loans and low prospects, they head home and stew in a funk.

Our Government has allowed unemployment compensation to last 99 weeks. (There are 52 of them in a YEAR) so there goes incentive to accept something beneath one's place. (and yeah, I worked all kinds of minimum-wage jobs, so I know of what I say) (and never had unemployment checks) (and I have a college degree)

You have to WANT to work, folks. It's the desire for something you DON'T have and WANT that makes you move.

It seems to simple, so elementary to me.


If the Govt/ takes a CHUNK of your earnings before you even see it and makes the very people responsible for hiring you in the first place out to be somehow suspect, and the press/media in lock-step writes endless fantasy/exposes about Evil Business and the down-trodden workers, where is the incentive?

Business is not investing IN THE USA. Business People are not taking what they have been allowed to keep and using it to make MORE. Sorry folks.

And why SHOULD they when they can't keep the profit? Anything that MAKES money is suspect and anything that TAKES money away is for our supposed benefit. There is something terribly wrong with this.

Government should never have become so cushy. These ARE THE FAT CATS. And the "EVIL EVIL BIG' Business is sucked by the vampires to KEEP THEMSELVES THERE.

THEY are the ones who should have been placed on MINIMUM WAGE. They, those Representatives of the PEOPLE are the ones who should have been given low wages so they would make LAWS that protect wage EARNERS to KEEP what they WORK FOR and encourage them to do more of it. NOT LESS.

And then, with small bits of change in THEIR pockets, those Representatives would have the incentive to JOIN us, not shackle us while they swim in OUR MONEY.

Propostion: Cut EVERY GOVERNMENT WORKERS SALARY TO MINIMUM Wage. CUT EVERY GOVERNMENT WORKERS Pension Plan. Do not impose Term Limits. Let THEM figure it out. See how long they stay in the job.

Seriously. The Founding Fathers didn't want the People's Representatives to end being there as a career!

Where Am I Wrong?

UpDate: I am not believing that "85%" number. I don't believe it. Where did they do the polling, is what I'd like to know! And what was their collective "majors" breakdown!? I'll bet that does some explaining.

AND I'd like to see a list of the "Professors" from whom they matriculated.

Up Date: I love it! I'll bet THIS was one of them. And no... I didn't go looking for an example. They show up on their own.

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