Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Doo Doo Doo ---- Lookin' Out My Back Door!

One of our concerns when discussing the placement of the barn was that of blocking the beautiful view of the land behind us. It isn't ours but we sure like the vista.

We struggled with the exact place til we settled on where the concrete was poured. And once the framework went up, we saw this. What a picturebox. In fact, this "frame" just makes the whole thing into a work of art.

And here you can see the worktable I will use when cleaning the veggies and potting new plants. The red colour is terrific. The trim is grey as is the steel roof. That hole above? the hayloft.
The cats hang around, waiting for Steve to leave so they can go scope out the insides.... places to hang out in the future.

The left side will remain open for the tractor and mower and the right side is the workshop. It will have a garage door.

I am thinking that in the event of a hurricane.... this might be the place to be. It's built Ram Tough this barn and there are no trees above it. Or around it, for that matter.

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