Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Work Ethic Part 2

I have been told about this supplement called Melatonin for circadian rhythm disruption and how it might help me get a more normal sleep. John finished out in the barn area (more on this later) and said he was running into town for something so I hopped in the car with him and called the local pharmacy to check their hours. It was a few minutes to 5:00pm.

The person answered on the 2nd ring (yea!!) and I asked if they carry melatonin. She asked someone and then said yes. "Great! What time do you close?"

"Oh dear. I am 3 miles away in the car. I don't think I can get there that fast."

Now here is the opening for someone in business who has a needy customer on their way to buy a product. They have 2 options: 1. Tell this customer something along the lines of "I'll stay open til (pick a time) say 5:10pm. If you can get here , I'll be happy to ring it up!" or 2. "No."

They went with option 2. That's cool. But I'll remember.

Now back to the barn. Steve put the barn quilt up yesterday! And the electricians wired for lights all day so today we should get the inspection done and they will finish that installation by Thursday. We may have light by the weekend!!!!!
And now that I see how good it looks on the barn, I am really motivated to paint the one on the coop.

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