Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I Give Up

I'm still trying to learn how to use this Mac ....... I can crop a photo using iPhoto but I can't figure out to save the altered image.

Anyhoo.... here is the first Leslie BOMb, Blue and Gold...... I like the borders.

Now the dealio is: I challenged myself to make these quilts, one of six, using only the fabric I had in my stash. Which is sizable. So although it might have been better..... or maybe not, it wouldn't have been in the spirit with which I began.

It is large. 81" But small enough that I can quilt it all myself on my machine.

So. What do you think?


Rachel said...

Another beautiful Swedish quilt. Have you ever read about melatonin for insomnia?

Cats and Quilts said...

4!!!! 4 times now about melatonin!!