Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Raise Bed Veg

Here are a few shots from over the weekend to show the state of things out in the garden.

To the front are sweetpeas and chinese peas and to the back are Romaine lettuces. Did you know you can eat the leaves from the sweet peas? Toss them in our salad!

This bed has brassicas: in the very front are a few rows of kohlrab. Then, buttercrunch lettuce and collards. Only 3 plants this year..... last year I had 8 or and that was WAY overkill. Then to the back are 2 brussell sprouts and that last large thing is the broccoli raab. which I used in a risotto the other day. Very good green.

The onion bed. Red and yellow, garlic bulbs and shallots in the back. Still struggling to get leeks to do ANYTHING

Kale to the front, spinach (such as it is.. I planted more seeds) and lots of broccoli in the back
So that shows 4 of the beds. I have rutabagas and carrots and beets and more greens in others. It's a good garden spread.

Louisiana is a great place to live if gardening year-round is your thing. Eating is my thing and I love it that I can cook everyday with something I harvested in walking distance. That simple pleasure rocks my world.

and the chickens sweeten it. Believe it or not! They are lovely creatures.

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