Thursday, October 7, 2010

Never Too Old To Learn. Right?

lI have retrieved the PC from the best Techie on the Planet. The fellow has puled me back from the brink once more and I asked him if I could reveal him to others in need of computer help. So if you live in the SE Louisiana area and need computer help, reach me and I will put you in touch. I will not post his name and number here.

I can't tell you how frustrating it is for me to be able to get as far as I can into a computer and understand how to resolve issues but not be able to delete these insidious programs! I buy the suites that protect against viruses and spywares. I know how to program them to check weekly to keep the harddrive safe. But this is the second time I got an infection. The first one, ok I deserved it. Never go looking for a photo of CarrotTop. It ain't worth the grief.

But this time? No. I have no idea when this worm wriggled in or from what dank swamp it crawled out of and into my C drive. And this worries me!

I don't want to go there again!

But clouds and silver linings, yeah yeah yeah. It HAS forced me to learn to use this new MAC OS (leopard) system. And once I find what I am searching for, it isn't diffy at all. It's just that Apple has named things differently than I expect and so the learning curve is slowly arching in my favor.

As such, I just spent this early hour learning to DownLoad photos from the camera. With the PC, I merely plug the cord into the USB slot and automatically the XP sys opens a window to prompt me what to do.

Not the same with Maccy. I waited til I figured I wasn't going to see any pop window and went in search of the program to do the deed. So now, I can UL photos to this blog and reveal where we stand with the barn.

It is taking on the siding now, and Steve framed a 4 foot square on the gable facing the front street where there will be a quilt block painted and inserted shortly. I am going to be one of 3 barns with quilts in this area on LA and hope to start others to join us. How COOL would THAT be?

This is a barn in the USA with the block I THINK I will place in the frame.

But HERE is a shot of the opposite end of the barn. That opening is the "hayloft" door. There will be a pulley on a post from the roof

Whether there will be any hay up there is another matter. I understand the view from up there is great but I ain't climbing any ladders to find out for myself. I'll wait for proper stairs!

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Rachel said...

OH MY GOSH a quilt block what a tres fab idea! That is going to look amazing. I can't believe there is a barn in the backyard.