Monday, March 28, 2011

Did You Hear About The Party?

No? WEll, neither did the pool reporter who covered it, from a Winter Park, FL mansion closet. He only got to "hear", not actually DO HIS JOB.

The very rich "developer and philanthropist" Alan Ginsburg (no, not that one, the poet/anarchist. He died some time ago.), hosted a fundraiser for Senator Ben Nelson and the irrepressible VP "Don't Mess with" Joe Biden but the only reporter allowed to cover the event was escorted to a closet by the VP's "staff" and held there. Oh, it is true that he was released to hear these two wax on for 35 minutes and then marched back to his holding tank for the duration of the party.

The guests who ponied up $500.00 to schmooze with the Vice Plagiarist munched on nibbly-bits like "rosemary flatbread with grapes honey and gorgonzola cheese" and presumably got their money's worth while the Least Transparent Administration held hostage the only reporter attending.

Do you get that?

I think Alan Ginsburg should drop that part "philanthropist" from his description. But anyway, here is what the reporter reported later, after he received an apology from the "host" and the office of the VP:

"Powers said of his treatment: ‘It was frustrating and annoying that I was not given a chance to do my job fully and properly.

‘This was an extreme, and extremely inappropriate way of handling the press… it was essentially a rude and uncomfortable way to treat a reporter.’

He attempted to play down his treatment calling it ‘hardly unusual or shocking’ and confirmed that he received an apology from Ginsburg.

But he said the Vice President’s staff emailed him an apology which ‘I found far less satisfying than Ginsburg’s.’

The incident is especially embarrassing for the administration because it comes at a time when the White House has been condemning the treatment of journalists trying to report in Libya.

Just ten days ago, President Obama’s spokesman Jay Carney told reporters: ‘journalists should be protected and allowed to do their work.’

The Vice President’s office did not respond to requests for comment."

Now, this is what gets me intrigued..... that quote in red up there........ his treatment was "hardly unusual or shocking". WHAT does THAT mean?

Here's a new motto for the "Office": Least Responsive Administration Evah! It would seem nobody knows what they or anyone working with or for them are doing!

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