Saturday, March 5, 2011

Hello! I'm Back

Just returned from a week in Panama with the Eat-Drink club. (We may be changing our name soon. Details later)

We winged our way last Wednesday to Panama City and began what turned out to be a fast week in a lovely and thriving and growing country. I went with no expectations, knowing nothing more about the land and people other than: 1. They have this canal with locks; 2. Coffee grows there; 3. The women sew molas...somewhere; 4. I can see both the Atlantic and Pacific in one day. Armed with this intelligence (or lack thereof) we set off on adventure.

John knew much more and kept it to himself. On a whim I asked if there were sloths in Panama and when the answer came in the affirmative, well, that became my quest. I had to see this creature. Who knew they were so elusive?

We arrived in the mid-afternoon and deposited ourselves in the Toscana Inn Hotel, in an area known as "the crab". This is a shopping distrinct with casinos nearby, if that's your thing. It was nicely appointed and the staff were very nice and helpful. We walked to a Panamanian fare restaurant nearby and I ordered the "Panamanian platter", a selection of what is considered typical foods.
Looks good, right? It was ok. I wish it had been served warm, not lukewarm. Nothing really stood out as exceptional and I was surprised that the plantains were not sweet, something I expect a "banana" to be. It wasn't bad; it was what perhaps someone from Panama would say when eating a "whopper" for the first time. Meh....

But this is just outside the joint.... If you click on the photo, you'll find a gorilla above John's head..... I think it was a nightclub. Maybe another restaurant..... it looked promising, but we headed back to catch some zzzzzzz. We had a full day ahead of ourselves to look forward to and needed a good night's sleep.

Which I got, to be sure. The bed was very comfy. The compted breakfast included eggs, pre-sliced packaged cheeses, a selection of tropical fruits and breakfast breads. The coffee was Panamanian. I thought it was fine. I drank enough of it.

We decided to make a tour of the city and see the canal and John hired Carlos. I'll leave you with that for now.

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ktclarke said...

I can't wait for tomoz when I get hear some moz.