Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Going Green

takes on a whole different meaning when you are already growing green.

I am pleased to show the progress on these onions..... so far they have 10 leaves and no flowers so I think they will be harvestable in another week or two. They have NOT begun to lose any leaves but they are beginning to fall over more.
Now these are leeks and I've posted my thoughts on them in an earlier post. I am so happy to report that these (28) were seeded by me and transplanted late last fall and have thrived in this spring. We have not lost a single one and I look so forward to leek and potato soup! (The potatoes however has not come up. Yet)
And these are the strawberries we planted last spring and they are going gang-busters! They looked so bad late last summer, we fluctuated with hanging on or throwing them out but decided to just let them do what they would, and they doubled and tripled during the winter months. Now, half of them are heavy with fruit and we water them every morning deeply as they plump up.

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