Wednesday, February 3, 2010


HAHAHAHAHAH My sister in North Texas just took delivery of 15 baby chicks! A Valentine's Day gift from her husband and they have arrived a month too soon and at exactly the WRONG time: her husband is out of town!

Ok so that part is hilarious but oh how much fun is going to have once she gets the chicks settled in. I wish I were there to experience this with her but as it is, she is calling me, step by step and taking photos at each stage from, opening the package they came in to placing them in a temporary brooding box. It's pouring down rain and she has no idea what to do first or next so she (we) are winging it and I hope they all survive our bumbling ways.

She has hauled her dog crate out of the garage and set it up inside the laundry room and is getting ready to ceremoniously dump the newcomers inside. But she has to get the water bowl ready and paper towels on the "floor" so they don't slide around. G had ordered quite a bit of stuff for this grand debut but D doesn't know one thing from the other and she's opening packages and saying stuff like, "ok here is red thing with holes and here is flat yellow thing" and I'm taking my best shot at it, having NEVER raised a chick to save my life. We're both in a foreign country at this moment.

I know she has a brooder lamp but I don't know if it is to be suspended from a height or the clamp on kind. I know how to determine the height to set it at...... but then what about food for day old chicks? I read that they can handle instant oatmeal...... how about 5 minute oatmeal?

Did you ever wonder what day old chicks that arrive by post might look like?

Here ya go!

and one without the decorative shredded paper so you can enjoy the sheer beauty of it

I can't stand it.
Thankfully, the tractor arrived here to give me some distraction.

Oh yeah, and that one chicken of ours? might be a rooster after all. darn.

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