Thursday, February 11, 2010

Quilting Progress

Here is the latest from my stack of quilts-finally-quilted.

This is a baby quilt, 3 dimensional and cute as a bug.... I loved the quilting motif I used. I found it at Patsy Thompson Designs and I really encourage anyone reading this or thinking about machine quilting to GO THERE NOW and look at her artistry. Go on..... I'll wait.....

Are you back? Isn't she amazing? And YOU can do this too.

I did, on this one. You might be able to see the design if you click on that quilt above. It's like a modified paisley and loop-d-loop. I practiced on this quilt to prepare myself for this one:

A few years ago, my aunt in Houston got serious about quilt-making and I threw some remnants at here and she made SO many fun colorful quilts, all sizes and even one for her Jack Russell. This one has been hanging in my closet to quilt for (mumbling a number) months so really it is about time to get it done. It's done and I love it. So colorful. It's a string quilt and I love it. I love the backing fabric. Here you can see a close-up of the outer border with the feathering and this is the first time I used a second thread to punch up the design. Together it reminds me of Rhubarb, a vegetable I love to eat and am attempting to grow here in the sultry south. (I know, it's just a dream....ain't gonna work)

Okay going back to Patsy Thompson..... I see she is publishing a new (second) book and I can't wait to add it to my arsenal of design ideas. At her site, she has many free downloadable designs as well as things to buy so try to copy a few and you'll see WHY you'd want to BUY her wares. She is WORTH it.

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