Friday, February 19, 2010

Mother Earth News Pulls a Fast One

Anyone reading this blog knows how far we have come since last year. We could not have been as successful (yes we have had set-backs but those are learning curves) without reading resources, friendly advice, experimentation and perseverance. And money. Let's not forget that none of this is FREE. Except the advice. That is always free and greatly appreciated.

We have a shelf filled with books on pruning planting, great LSU guides to growing in Louisiana, Reader's Digest and an English Encyclopedia of gardening (always useful to see how how others do things) and several magazines, like Mother Earth News, Hobby Farms and Hobby Farms Home and seed catalogues. Honestly, they're scattered around the hearth and home like so much confetti. And I keep an eye out to new things because education never ends.

So I popped into the pharmacy the other day and scanned the magazine shelves and spied a new Mother Earth News mag. Last year's was great! If you are interested in a copy, keep reading. If not, here's a cool website.

I bought Mother Earth News, Wiser Living Series, Vol 6, SPRING 2010. Great! I was so impressed, I wrote them a letter.
Last year's issue was wonderful and so helpful in my recent transition to a more organic lifestyle. So it was with great anticipation that I bought this year's issue which I found 2 days ago on the magazine shelf of Walgreens! So much to learn and adopt in this new exciting lifestyle. Couldn't WAIT to get home and pour over it!

Imagine my surprise to find it is ALMOST exactly the same issue with a different cover. Oh yeah, there are few new or slightly rehashed articles. But really.....

Recycling takes on a whole new meaning with Mother Earth Snooze. Thanks...... I guess.

I bet they don't answer.

So if you have read this so far, and are interested in this redux, it'll be on the shelf TIL May 3, 2010, or 2011, or 2012. Hard to say, really.

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