Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Is It A Rooster? - Up-Dated

You may have noticed that I have added a poll for your consideration.

Is my chicken a rooster or a hen? You should have read by this time that we have a chicken that remains genderless. It is a cross-breed of a Silver Wyandotte and an I-Don't-Know-What.

Here you see a pretty good shot of "It" and Little Bit. They were both approximately hatched at the same time, 2 different clutches. They are about 16 weeks old now. It has always been larger than Little Bit.

This (below and to the right) is what a Wyandotte looks like; Pure Black and White. Notice the comb is quite small and close to the head and "It" has a large single comb.. Other than that, they are very similar. "It" has brown and mottled feathers as well. The one on the left is Ginger. I don't know her breed either. Someone said she's a Plymouth Rock Red. Don't know about that.

Here is "It" legging it when Gretchen gives chase. Or is that Gretel. So hard to tell the diff.

The evidence for:

Long strong legs, bright up-standing comb, stands erect and alert, and tries to mount with very limited success the definite hens (they tend to throw him off and give chase).

The evidence against: Has never crowed, no long tapering feathers (yet), no spurs, is chased by Gretchen and Gretel constantly, has never tried to mount Little Bit (it's roost-mate), and runs for cover when unsuccessfully attempting to mount a hen. Like this:

So what do you think this bird is? Vote Early. And Often!

I saw that someone has actually read this drivel of mine and voted....... but I could not see what the vote was until I voted, myself. I was highly amused to find only 2 votes (!) and we thought the exact same thing! So whoever you are, you first voter, apparently we think alike. That could be a scary thing for those who love you. I believe those who love me are just a little afraid I'm a nut.

And thanks for voting. By the time the ballot is closed, I hope we will have put the whole issue to rest (and not to roast). (Or stew)

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Rachel said...

oh man. those legs look so much like a rooster or a runway model.