Sunday, February 7, 2010

Things Get Weirder By The Week

This chicken has me scratching my head. Don't know what to make of the situation. The Evidence:

Longer, stronger brighter legs = Rooster?
Comb is bright red and erect = Rooster?
Larger beak = Rooster?
Stands upright and alert = Rooster?
Jumps on the backs of the hens = Rooster?

Doesn't crow = Hen?
Doesn't have tapering tail feathers (yet) = Hen?
Doesn't have spurs - Hen?
Hens don't put up with the mounting exercise = Hen?
Runs AWAY from the hens when they chase it from the scattered scratch = Hen?
NEVER tries to fly over the chicken run. Or roost on the rails...... = Chicken?

This bird is a crossbreed, definitely part Wyandotte but something else with brown and green in it as well. It is as tall as the the hens but doesn't have the girth they have. It is approximately 16 weeks old and maybe possibly older. The other "Little Bit" was half again as small as this one when we got them and I am fairly certain that is a hen....... she even LOOKS like a girl. I THINK they came from two separate clutches. They don't look anything alike but they hang together, roost together and I even find them cuddled up in a brood box together occasionally. That always make me embarrassed...... Like they were napping and I woke them. Or .......something.

I am beginning to conclude that perhaps this chicken is a HEN and is making a play at becoming the top chicken. Since the Big WO died, there has been a distinct void of supremacy in the coop. Not that this is a bad thing. All in all, it's been fairly quiet in there, with the odd pop on the back of Little Bit. She is the receiver of every peck that rains down. Even from her brood-box mate. She gets hammered from all sides. I don't know how she puts up with it.

The two Silver Wys, Hans and Frans ( Iknow, they're GIRLS!), the SS officers, just run around trying to boss the other three; except Ginger gives them the same in return when they try that on her. One time the weird one jumped on Frans' back and she submitted. She didn't shrug it off... for about 3 seconds Then ... boop! Ginger and Hans don't put up with ANY nonsense from it. They both send it flying and bark at it. CLUCK, BARK!!!! And it scampers away and acts all innocent. lall--lal--la- la-la ...... pecking at the ground.

Gardening: It was blurry cold yesterday with a stiff wind coming in from the Northwest and I was determined to get some English peas in the ground as a last stab at them before it's really TOO late. They should have been in the ground by Mid-Jan but then you ask yourself.... would they have been killed off by that last hard freeze we had? I don't know. I have seeded the last of my leek seeds inside but see no activity at all and wonder if perhaps they are too old. n truth they should have been sprouted a month ago but I lost track of time. We have as aides several books on veg growing and of course LSU book focuses on our part the world where the others are British and northern US climes so we have to take all that into consideration. BUT I am also one who tends to break rules occasionally.

We planted outside: Spinach, mesclun tape, Romaine, beets and mushy peas. Oh and John cranked up the JD and plowed under a bed, added good manure and topsoil, turned all that and planted the asparagus crowns!!!!

I have been trying to figure out sweet potatoes. Here's why:

A lady in our beginning quilting class said as a school project a few years ago the kids grew a sweet potato vine and it was so pretty she planted it outside in her landscape bed. In the fall, when it died, she was surprised to find so many potatoes in the ground they ate all winter on them! So ..... who wouldn't want to try to plant this?

At the Allotment site, he had a lovely bed of vines growing....... I want this!

But how? I have been calling the seed shops and online centers looking for "slips". Nope. don't have any. Grr kept at it and found a reference in the Ed Smith book about making your own. Duh. (she slaps her forehead) Not too bright, this one.
I'll take photos to show the progress.

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Rachel said...

uh oh! maybe you can hatch some of your own little chicks! get dad to take some pictures of you driving the tractor.