Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Do NOT Be Me

Arghhhhh....!!!!!! How do I put this?

Remember ALL those little seedlings I so triumphantly transplanted last week into Jiffy 8's? How splendid they looked? Need a reminder?

One Week Ago

There they were, all shiny and new. So HAPPY. Just like me.... a few slightly keeled over and no they did not make it but only 8 out of 50! Not bad!

Well, no one told me about MOLD!!!!! After only a week, there's mold growing on the outside of those little pressed cardboard squares!!!!!! I took this photo this morning, feeling all SMUG and SPECIAL because they were growing so beautifully and happy!

And then I took a closer look.....what is that fuzz I see on the outside...... OMG!!!!! Mold?

Sigh. Yes. We have been transtransplanting them all afternoon and they look DREADFUL!!!!! I hope they bounce back. Luckily, we hedged our bets and seeded the very same things last week and they are already up and leafing.

Ok, note to self:

1. try Jiffy 8s in the summer when they can be in the sun to KILL mold and see if you haven't WASTED a few dollars on all those pots.

2. DON'T water to oblivion next Spring! OR

3. DON'T use the Jiffy 8s indoors next year. Go straight to the plastic pods.

Up-Date: It's the morning following and I am please and relieved to relate that they plants have forgiven me overnight. They are all up and the tomatillos, which were they most aggrieved after the transplant episode, are looking decidedly perky. There may be hope for us (me) yet.
Stay tuned.

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