Monday, March 1, 2010

Has it Been A Week?

Take a gander (Bah!) at how big they've grown!!!!

Just kidding. That size is due to the angle from which I shot the picture. This is what they really look like:Strike a Pose! Madonna, eat your HEART out.

Last week, I could hold all three in the palm of my hand. So they are much bigger but have a ways to go before I release them to the coop-mates.
And our guests were amused to be sharing the bathroom with them, or at least they were gracious and made me believe that this was okay and not a complete breach of host etiquette.

And to up-date you on how things have progressed since the transtransplanting fiasco, here are 3 shots of the plants we started a month ago (and almost killed last week);

It would appear that all has been forgiven and they are happy in their plastic homes. We see third sets of leaves popping out so that's a good sign. And the Ag Center called back to let me know that the mold will probably not affect the efficacy of the plants.
Tomatillos are doing very well. They are the ones towards the back on the right. All the seedling in the orange trays on the left are the repeats.

The two here on the left are actually older than that pot on the right so go figure. Not at all certain how that has come to pass. Maybe plants, like people, grow stronger with company.

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