Monday, March 1, 2010

It's a Rooster


I really thought I could wish it into submission. Don't you just hate it when reality sets in. (you know,.. I DID notice that NOT ONE of the voters thought It was a hen. Thanks. So. really..... I am the only crazy one out here) When you are forced to move out of that comfortable zone of sheer denial, and the world makes you see truth. Clear white undeniable truth.

It's a rooster and all that comes with it. (except the crowing for some reason; no noise.) (yet)

My pretty little friend out there has numbered days left. That makes me very sad. A little angry too. I didn't want roosters for this very reason. I fall in love with the creature and become so attached to it. All the conjecture (on my part, ok ok) has been proven false and I face only the question of what to do with him.

And truth be told (oh heck, why not!) Little Bit isn't exactly out of the woods yet either! Yeah yeah, It mounted her last week but what the heck does THAT prove? He is still young and stupid. He runs into the fence when Kathryn walks near, so he is beautiful but not smart. (BTW his tail feathers are turning blue and green!!!!!)

Now, the next burning question: what about the little ones?

That red arrow shows an area of concern. One has the beginnings of a comb before the other two!!!! If any one of them is a rooster, I am right back in the same Ground Hog's Day. Are they really pullets, AS ADVERTISED!!!!! or did I get snookered AGAIN!?

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