Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hurrah for Spring!

We spent time planting the spring garden and hope to continue today. The wind has been breezy and the original plan of putting the tomatillos down in the back plot has changed.

Did you know: I think they have to be the Princesses of the garden. Good grief! They are so fragile! I broke 3 leaves on one seedling just carrying the box from the house to the beds! I thought there is no way they will survive out on the open plains in the back. So I plunked four of them in a raised a bed along with the Sweet 100s and 1 Black Beauty eggplant. There is still room in the bed for veg expansion.

And so it starts. I still cannot bend over so Kathyrn helped us plant the potatoes while I handed them to her. (I want to be a part of this in any degree.) We have put in apprx 70 potato seeds: 1 row of Adirondack Blues, 2 rows Yukon Golds and 4 rows of Red new potatoes. 3 rows of Silver Queen corn, 2 rows Kentucky Wonder green beans. Soon there will be blacked-eyed peas going in and louffa gourds, squashes, lots of tomatoes, jalapenos, eggplant (although I am not holding out alot of hope there, they seem sickly to me. I might try it again with straight seeds in the ground though).

It occurs to me, reading this, that I should explain the rows. We have approx 50' rows, 9 of them and we have separated them into 4 - 12' sections. So although we have 3 rows of corn, these rows cross only thru two sections (75' of planted corn). and the beans cover only one section., 2 rows in one section (25' of beans. Last year we had one 50' row of beans and I thought I was going to die trying to keep up with so many green beans!) The potatoes are all in one section across 7 rows. After they have been harvested, we will plant a cover crop in this section and allow it to rest til next year. This is our rotation.

We are still eating collards, brussel sprouts, carrots, mustard greens and I must say, they are so beautiful at the moment; they are in bloom and very fragrant and the bees are moving in. You can see the yellow flowers in this shot (look past Q)(I know that's tough as she is a very pretty cat, but try all the same)(very pretty and tends to pose in exactly the location I wish to take a picture of and then ignores my calls to turn around)(beautiful plumage!)

She is my constant companion out there, my monorail kitty

I feel certain there was something more I wanted to say, but I have become distracted by the essence of Q. I take my leave.

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