Thursday, March 11, 2010

Can I Hear You? Oh Yes and How

It is as though God has installed microphones EVERYWHERE and the speaker is in my left ear. Cranked to 10. Everything is amplified. It is awful.

I have just had my first coffee in 28 hours , deelish. Interestinghow the first cup is always the best cup. Unl;ess it is bad caffee to start with. THne nothing makes it get better except a fresh brewing.

I am hopped up on Vicodin, my new best friend, but I amy only taking half thet ablet so that's okay. No intentionj of prolonginh htis. Interesting to note how my next pain and shoulders don'thurt as much as ususal either. I'm sort of liking that.

I don;t remember much except the coldness of the room and the anesthesai going in. AFter that, I woke up with a sore thraot andthe sound of my heartbeat in my head. That's interesting too. I can hear my heart beat in my ear, noe. I wonder if this going to be cpnstatnt. THe humming in not as louf as it had been,. I wonder if that iis permanant.

I didn't get he nasuea I was warned I might... yea@@@@! adn Lathyrn made a deliscius chicken pot pie from scratch with Julia nd the Pionseer Qoman. I din't care how my thrait hurt, Iwas hungry and it smelled good and I ate it2 and fell asleep.
I woke to my banign the headbaord with my arm. and man that was painful to my ear. and John's. He got back to sleep brcasue he has been awake since 3 am yesterday and din't nap after we got back. I lost the wager tha twe wouldn't be out before 3.. WEe were home by 3 I think.

Anyway, it's all good and I hoe it lasts.


Rachel said...

you are hilarious and adorable all hopped up on painkillers. spell check is your friend.

ktclarke said...

Do not EVER edit this post. It is my very favorite thing. Just don't make it habit forming...taking painkillers and typos. And yes, I mean both and not at the same time.