Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring is for Weddings

and we just attended what must be described as the perfect intersection of roots and growth. These two people have been entwining for as long as I have known the family of the young man. If he was home, she was there. If she was seen in town, he was beside her.

The bride was beautiful & adorable (this is not a common occurrence), the groom stuff that make hearts flutter in romantic young girls (he brushed a stray strand from her forehead as the vows were being declared, aawwww!) and setting was on the edge of the glorious swamp of her backyard, where the pair have been friends and a couple for the past decade.

John (with the Home in the background)

The house sits raised high on the property, so the bride swept down the gracious stairs, which face the frontyard, on her father's arm and floated up the aisle to her waiting man.

Even with the surgery, I could not hear what was spoken

but the ceremony was very brief and supervised by a horse watching from the sidelines. He had the occasional head-bob as though he approved the entire event. Like a director, minus the megaphone.

I have to mention that completing the procession was Gumbo, the family dog.

He followed after the bride's mother on the way to and from the altar and added that lagniappe to make this the most joyful and spontaneous, impromptu wedding eveh! If there was script, it was Oscar quality.

If I get permission to post photos of the wedding couple, I will add them later. In the meantime, let this stand as an accurate description along with shots of subjects I am sure will not object.

I really want to add some shots of the photographers surrounding the events. (I know they will have taken far far better photos than these and I cannot wait to see the ones they took of the two on the boardwalk leading out onto the bayou. From the distance watching, it looked the perfect setting for stunning photography) At one point, when cutting the cake, it looked much like I imagine what celebrities suffer on a daily basis.

Between the professionals and the party guests snapping away (me included) the poor couple didn't know where to look. Gumbo did. Eyes on the cake.

I don't blame him one bit. The cakes were delicious!

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